The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) on Wednesday 26th June 2024, summoned the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) to a meeting to discuss the current intermittent power interruptions and shortages in the GBA and West Coast Region. This was prompted by public outcry on the recent protracted power cuts.

The meeting was an opportunity to get firsthand information from NAWEC on the reasons for the disruptions and the measures put in place, to mitigate the menace and minimize the burden on their consumers.

NAWEC officials in their deliberations cited the surge in demand during the summer which commensurate with loss in available capacity, and overloading of transformers amongst others, as factors responsible for the power outages. NAWEC has also informed the Authority of their plans on the ongoing projects with specific timeline to upgrade the power system, including lines and transformers to handle the increase in demand and improve the quality of service.

PURA has enjoined NAWEC to follow suit with the planned upgrades and mitigation measures, continue to inform its consumers of the developments taking place, and address the current electricity woes. PURA assures the public that it will continue to engage NAWEC and the relevant stakeholders to ensure that the planned measures are fully implemented, and that there is a smooth transition in the transformation and upgrade of the power system.

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