Electricity Overview

PURAโ€™s mandate in the Electricity sector is derived from the Electricity Act of 2005. One aim of this legislation was to effect a transition to a private investor controlled and operated electricity sector in which, through competition, where feasible, and regulation in non-competitive markets, prices accurately reflect the costs of efficient production, transmission, dispatch, and distribution of electricity.

The main player in the energy sector is NAWEC owns and operates the generation, transmission and generation facilities across the length and breadth of the country.

Currently NAWEC operates power plants mainly in Brikama and Kotu and also imports from Senegal. There is a Licensed Independent Power Producer (IPP) , Karpower that generates about 30MW on a short term contract.

The sector also has strong renewable energy penetration and innovative polices have been implemented by the regulator including several hotels. The Renewable Energy Act of 2013 also give PURA some mandate to promote RE in The Gambia.