The National gmCSIRT (Computer Security and Incident Response Team)

PURA has successfully completed the first phase of setting up the Gambia Computer Security and Incident Response Team (the gmCSIRT).This phase covered the location and equipping of an office, staffing and initial engagements with stakeholders.

The setup was fully funded by PURA, with some financial and technical assistance from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The initial phase was coordinated successfully by PURA in conjunction with MOICI.

The gmCSIRT is currently engaged in establishing the necessary frameworks with international, regional and partner institutions to enable effective and enhanced cybersecurity posture for the Gambia, to support all Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) holders in The Gambia.

The gmCSIRT has already conducted some ground exercises and engagements with a few key institutions, and undertaken some very important cyber-awareness and technical training for over fifty (50) government, parastatal and private CIIs. At the end of 2020, the gmCSIRT trained key IT Security staff and experts from these institutions (constituents), with financial assistance from the World Bank. It was a landmark engagement and has set the trend for further engagements to enhance and secure the Gambiaโ€™s digital ecosystem.

The next phase includes the activation of support systems and deeper interaction with constituents in cyber-crime prevention, restoration and skills enhancements. This will include remediation of cybercrime incidents. Threat information dissemination and coordinating of the different sectors of the economy to streamline security efforts.

A board will also be constituted to oversee the activities of the gmCSIRT, as outlined in the gmCSIRT plan. The gmCSIRT is now actively finalizing the list of supported (constituent) CIIs and will commence support and active engagements soon.