Water & Energy Overview

The Department is responsible for the technical regulation of three sectors listed below;

  1. Energy
  2. Water
  3. Petroleum

Its mandate is derived from different legislations such as the Petroleum Products Act 2016 and the Electricity Act of 2005.

Despites covering three sectors, of which there are multiple players, both private and public companies,ย  the basic functions remain similar such as

  • Monitoring
  • QoS
  • Performance Monitoring
  • HSE awareness
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy promotion

The principal aim is to these services are available and that consumers purchase these services at the right prices.

Thus department conducts regular monitoring exercises and including quality sampling especially for petroleum products and water quality on the public water supply network.

The department also provides support to other departments in terms of licensing, enforcement and consumer complaint resolution in the broader regulatory context.

In addition, the department is a key driver of evidence-based policy advise to various sector ministries of the Government to enhance key policy objectives such as universal access to electricity of which the Government has made a commitment to achieve by 2025.