Who We Are?

Directorate of Legal, Licensing and Enforcement (DLLE) is an important support structure for the Authority in terms of legal matters, including law modifications, drafting of official documents, processing licence applications and any other legal cases that may arise periodically.

Our Responsibilities

This department oversees the following tasks and competencies:

  • Providing legal support regarding matters relating to drafting and modifying licences, agreements, and regulations of the Authority.
  • Following-up on cases in which the Authority is involved, in coordination with outside counsel, the office of the Inspector General of Police and the the Ministry of Justice.
  • Examining complaints and grievances, conducting administrative investigations on the issues referred to it by the departments, and making the necessary recommendations.
  • Preparing and reviewing administrative contracts related to the Authority’s work.
  • Drafting statutory instruments related to the Authority’s work and submitting the necessary reports thereon to the relevant sector and line ministries under the support of the Director General of the Authority.
  • providing legal services to support public inquiries

DLLE undertook activities in the following sectors:

  1. Licensing of Broadcasting Radio stations
  2. Licensing of Broadcasting TV Stations
  3. Licensing of Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  4. Licensing of Downstream Petroleum Operators
  5. Licensing Energy Sector
  6. Regulatory Compliance
  7. Enforcement Actions