Bantaba Outreach Program

The Bantaba outreach is a platform created for consumers in rural areas to engage their service providers and lodge grievances, concerns and challenges they face when utilising services provided by regulated entities. The authority is mandated to educate and inform consumers all over the country and this is what prompted the creation of programs like the bantaba which go to the doorstep of rural Gambians and provide them an opportunity to directly engage their service providers and request solutions to their concerns.

Quality of Experience

The Quality of Experience Caravan is a program initiated by the authority to get first-hand information about the experience’s consumers have when utilising services from regulatory entities. It gives a holistic overview of consumer perception on provided services and serves as a useful tool in comparing Quality of Service data and that of consumer Experience.

Consumer Parliament

The consumer parliament is an outreach program geared towards creating a platform for consumers residing in urban settlements to lodge grievances, concerns and challenges to service providers. This platform is used as a tool to gather industry heads at a common ground and have a direct interaction with consumers, directly listen to their complaint and propose solutions

Radio Programs

The Authority also conducts weekly radio programs to educate consumer about services operators provide, their rights and responsibilities as consumers and complaint lodging procedures if they have issues with services they consume. The radio programs are live phone in programs which give consumers an opportunity to call and ask questions and request for clarification as and when necessary.  

Community Radio Programs

Consumers in rural communities are also engaged as monthly sessions are held at all community radios to educate rural consumers about their rights and responsibilities and also educate them about compliant lodging procedures.

This initiative has been very beneficial to both the consumers and the Authority and has boosted their confidence in our ability towards making sure that they get value for money from there operators:

Consumer Complaints

  1. Complain trends
  2. Most frequent complains
  3. Types of complaining you can lodge with the Authority
  4. How to lodge a complaint with the authority
  5. Complaint reports