Procurement Unit

The Procurement Unit is under the Director-General Office responsible for the procurement of goods, services, and works through fair, economical, non-discrimination, and transparent procedures. This Unit is tasked with the responsibility to help the Authority to achieve its strategic objectives. 

The Roles and Responsibilities of the Procurement Unit

  1. Prepare a detailed procurement plan in line with the approved budget as well as update the procurement plan when required and maintain proper records of all procurement documentation in conformity with the GPPA Act.
  2. Facilitate and ensure that the procurement process is in line with the fundamental principles of procurement and the GPPA Act.
  3. Prepares, publish, and distribute procurement, bid document, and disposal opportunities including invitations to tender, pre-qualification documents, and invitations for expressions of interest.
  4. Maintains and safeguard procurement and disposal documents and records in accordance with Gambia Public Procurement Authority Regulations.
  5. Prepare and submit shortlists and lists of pre-qualified bidders to the contracts committee of the Authority for approval depending on the threshold.
  6. Proposes the membership of the evaluation committee to the contracts committee or The Director-General.
  7. Coordinate the evaluation of bids, quotations, and proposals.
  8. Prepares and publishes notices of award and notices of bid acceptance.
  9. Prepares contract documents, in line with the award decision with support from the Legal department.
  10. Prepares and issue rejection and debriefing letters to bidders.
  11. Prepares contract variations and modifications to documents.
  12. Maintains and archives documents and records of the procurement and disposal activities for the required period.
  13. Provide information, as required, for any petition or investigation to debar a bidder or contractor or any investigation under review procedures.
  14. Implement the decisions of the Authority, contracts, and disposal committees, including coordinating all activities of these committees.
  15. Prepare monthly, annual reports and submit them to Contracts Committee through The Director-General and GPPA.
  16. Monitor contract management by user departments to ensure implementation of contracts per the terms and conditions of the contracts.
  17. Report any significant departures from the terms and conditions of the contract to the head of the Procuring Organization;
  18. Certifies the invoices and delivery notes before payment processing to suppliers.
  19. Maintains and update annually, standing lists of registered contractors or bidders required by the Procuring Organization and liaise with the Authority in respect of the Authority’s register of suppliers.
  20. Carry out any other functions or duties and any other functions that might be stipulated by the Authority.